Glasgow Newborn Photography Sessions


If you’d like sleepy images of your brand new baby then scheduling a session when they are between 5-14 days old is best.  They are still in the bendy stage they were while in utero and curled up poses can be managed naturally.  I am guided by your baby during the session as I want the resulting pictures to be of your baby as they are, with their own little quirks and expressions.  For that reason I keep the photo session very simple and use only wraps, vests and blankets rather than props.

If your baby is a bit older we can still get lovely photographs of them but the sleepy, bendy ones may not be achievable.  Instead, there is more movement, alertness and expression as your baby learns to react to their surroundings.

The sessions take place in your home and we try to achieve a warm, calm and restful atmosphere.  My premier concern is always the safety and comfort of your baby.   The sessions typically take 2 hours, so not too long out of what can be a busy time of life.

To book a session please contact me here to complete an enquiry form and I will send out my full session information.

I offer beautiful images you can hang on your walls at home or cherish in a newborn album as I am passionate about looking at the images and having them as a part of your family life.

The session fee is only £100 with images and packages starting from £150.

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