Newborn Session Information

I photograph newborn sessions with an end goal in mind and that end goal is – where will these photographs be displayed?  How will you see them?  Do you have a family gallery space in your home that you’d like to add the pictures to?  Or are you looking to start one that you can add to over the years?  Do you have a new nursery with a big empty space over the cot that is crying out for a personal piece of wall art?  Or do you prefer to leaf through images in an album?

You have chosen to have and pay for a professional newborn session and I make images of your children that will be seen and be a part of your home and daily family life.  I recently attended the first birthday party at the home of a previous newborn client who had chosen to display the framed prints of her baby’s session in the hallway of her home and the crowds around the pictures were constant, with friends and relatives gathering around them, remembering how small he’d once been and how cute he was and commenting on the wall display.  It was lovely to hear and see the pictures bringing such a lot of pleasure.

I photograph newborn sessions in a minimalistic way so that the images won’t date or look out of place in your home.  Also, I want to keep the focus on your baby and family members, not on props and fussy clothes..  I do ask you on my enquiry form to please tell me about your home and where you are planning to place your images, so I can try to complement colours/tones etc and advise you on what products will work well.

Once your images are edited, I invite you back for your ordering appointment where we watch a slideshow of the session so you can choose your images, having previously thought about about where and how you’ll display them.

I’ve set out a series of points below regarding your session and will also send you a pdf with necessary information too.




  • The session takes approximately 2 hours
  • Photographing your baby aged between 5-14 days is the optimum age
  • It’s best to book in just after your first scan.
  • I take no more than 3 sessions a week so I can re-schedule around your due date.
  • The booking payment is £50 (for a limited time only)
  • Purchasing is done at your viewing session
  • Collections start at £150
Why does the baby have to be aged between 5-14 days?

This is so we can get the best chance of those curly, sleepy poses without causing discomfort or upset to your baby.  The first 5 days will be all about a feeding routine and settling yourselves after the birth and after 14 days, baby can be less able to fall into that deep newborn sleep.

What do I bring to the session?

I use a minimal amount of props and backdrops, keeping the images clean and unfussy so all you need to bring is your baby, some white vests, food for your baby and a dummy.  Even if you’re not planning on using a dummy I advise to to bring one just for the session as the sucking action really helps babies to settle and fall asleep.  The studio is warm as I will be photographing your baby with either just a vest, nappy or nothing so please wear layers to keep yourself comfortable.  I do have a fan for parents just incase!

Can I bring my older children too?

Of course!  I’d love to photograph you as a family and siblings are usually so proud and happy to help with their new baby.  Depending on your children’s routine, I will either photograph them all at the start of the session or at the end.  Two hours is a long time for a small child to keep themselves amused so I ask that you bring another adult that can leave with your older children once their images are done or bring them back at the end of the session.  Can I also point out that the safety and supervision of your older children while not being photographed will be your responsibility as I will be focussed on photographing your newborn and a photography studio can involve some hazards for children who are able to walk and investigate.

How do you get baby to sleep?

I need your help for this one!  There are a few things we can do:

  1. Feed your baby 2-3 hours before the session starts.  You can then feed them again once you arrive at the studio so they have a full tummy.
  2. Keep them awake for a few hours before the session.  This can be tricky as all newborns love to doze but we are trying to get them into a really deep sleep during the photo session so I can move them about into different positions without them waking up.  To keep them awake you can gently tickle them, talk with them, give them a bath, lay them on their back to kick – even if they fuss for a wee while, it’ll all be worth it.  It really is important to keep them awake as much as possible, it’s the only way to get those sleepy relaxed photos.
  3. I use white noise and a warm, calm environment to help keep baby relaxed.
Can we do the session at home?

I do all of my newborn sessions in the studio where I have a warm, calm environment, lighting and all the props I need.  If you are unable to come to the studio because of health or medical issues, please do speak to me about it.

How many images to we get in our slideshow?

There will be approximately 20-30 images in your gallery, plenty to choose from!

What if baby is unsettled?

Don’t worry if your baby takes a wee while to settle, all babies are different and some will sleeper quicker than others.  I can swaddle baby to settle them and photograph them wrapped up to start with.  Each baby has their own wee expressions and photos with their eyes open are super cute too.


What happens at the ordering session?

We watch a slideshow of your gallery so you can make your selection of products.  It takes around an hour (depending on how decisive you are!) and works best if you and your partner come together so you can make your choice together.  Orders are payable at this session and can be paid by card.  If you would like to spread the cost I can offer a payment plan over 3 months with your products available to collect 7-10 days after the final payment is made.   Orders can be collected from the studio or I can arrange to have them sent to your home address.


What if I can't decide at the ordering session?

By the time your ordering session comes along you will have had a chat about what products you think will work for you and your home, so it’s really just a case of picking the images that work best for you.  I can help and advise you with your choice.