Develop Your Photography Skills

Learn how to make better photographs with your DSLR camera with Morag.  Classes are based in the studio on Whiteinch one morning a month.  Do you have a cracking camera but disappointing photographs?  Not any more!  I’ll teach you how to make pleasing images with your camera and natural light.  We’ll cover basic manual controls, exposure, composition and using the light.

Go from camera zero to


I’ll help you understand what makes a good photograph so you can produce better images with your camera.  There is one essential piece of knowledge that will  change how you use your camera – it’s easy when you know how!

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I went on holiday last year and took loads of photographs on my new dslr – I spent a fortune on it!  I was disappointed with a lot of the results and spent ages messing about on the computer trying to make the photos look better.

I love these photographs of kids playing and doing their thing I see online, they look so natural and relaxed.  Whenever I try to do the same with my kids the pictures are either blurry or too dark.

I’d love to take photographs of the family to send to our relatives, nice ones that can be put in a frame that I can send as a gift.  My phone photos just don’t have the quality I’m looking for.