Children and Family Portraits


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Family Portraits Glasgow, Glasgow Doorstep Portraits, Informal Family Photos Glasgow
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I photograph my family and children’s photo sessions where children feel most relaxed – at home and outdoors.

Outdoors sessions are relaxed and fun as there’s lots of room for children to run around in, colour by the bucketload in the surrounding foliage and, if we’re lucky, some sunshine or puddles to splash in!

At home sessions allow me to incorporate some of your personal taste, children’s toys and books and family environment that will lend a glimpse into your life as it is now. I love looking at family photos, not just for the people but also to get a feel of the place and time it was taken in, from the fashions and hairstyles to the furnishings and decoration, it all gives a sense of who the people are.  This is what I’m looking to  capture in your at home session alongside your family’s personalities and relationships with each other.

So if you are thinking about updating the old family photographs on your walls or are planning ahead for gifts for the family, do get in touch. Who doesn’t love the surprise of a beautiful album, canvas or framed photograph of their family? Also it’s a lovely excuse to get all the family together, bundled into scarves and boots and for a walk in the woods or relaxing at home together for some family time.


Please contact me by clicking the ‘I’m Interested’ button below for information on packages and pricing.